CBD cannabis store siracusa

Green Hemp (ex-Mary Moonlight) Shop Siracusa.

Green Hemp (ex-Mary Moonlight Official Point), Best Hemp Shop in Siracusa.

In Sicily, Green Hemp (famous italian hemp brand) arrives in Syracuse with an official cannabis store in the center of one of the oldest cities in Italy.

Green Hemp Point Siracusa is the Hemp Shop where you can find all the light marijuana varieties of one of the major Italian brands in the CBD sector, which is a guarantee of quality products.

All Green Point CBD products are certified for THC values below 0.2% but with a high CBD content.

If you are in eastern Sicily, we suggest you to visit this shop, where in addition to the selection of seedless inflorescences, you will also find all the other hemp products: foods, products based on CBD and merchandising.

Mary Moonlight Siracusa is in Viale Regina Margherita 7, near the famous island of Ortigia and then near to the Duomo.